Music isn’t content, it’s treasure: why we loved the AIWA HiFi

Music is the ultimate medium. It’s in your movies. It’s in your video games.  It’s stuck in your head. And for as little as three American dollars, boom you’re in the VIP room.  Congratulations. Let me put on my sarcastic hipster voice and righteously declare Spotify as the “last desperate fart of a dying corpse”.   […]

Here’s what a die-hard K-TV kid thinks of YoTV

No, I don’t hate YoTV.  Like all Afrikaans homes, you were morally obliged to consume the things your parents bought. I ate my greens, and consumed orange. As a result, my soul believes in M-Net magic. I’m all about “it”. This introduces a problem, and a solution that is in your benefit, viewer. We’re not […]

Want to win Springbok Veldskoen?

Veldskoen, the sole of South Africa, is partnering with SLOW as we explore rugby culture and you can win a pair of Springbok Veldskoen.