Want to win Springbok Veldskoen?

Win the Official Supporters’ Shoe of the Springboks!

Want to win Springbok Veldskoen?

Win the Official Supporters’ Shoe of the Springboks!

Springbok Veldskoen is the Official Supporters’ Shoe of the Springboks. And one lucky Bok fan can win a pair of Springbok Veldskoen, plus a bonus pair for your bokkie!

To enter, visit winwithveldskoen.com.

Win with Veldskoen

Whether you watch it live or at home, rugby simply does not keep supporters in their seats. We get up. Wave the flag. Sport the jersey. And for some real head-to-toe support there’s the Springbok Veldskoen!

Veldskoen is partnering with SLOW as we explore rugby culture. The competition runs from 21 September to 1 October.
The winner is chosen on 2 October and Veldskoen will make contact with the lucky Bok supporter. 

Veldskoen, the sole of South Africa

You know veldskoene, but do you know Veldskoen?

Their name says it all. And their tagline says so much more: the sole of South Africa. 

Veldskoen is as South African as it gets. Its history goes back more than a millennium to the Khoisan who made and wore leather shoes, cut from a single hide. The settlers first documented the word, and as the years ticked by the shoes continuously stuck around — from being seen in World War II to David Kramer sporting a red pair (that he described as his South African version of Elvis’ blue suede shoes).

But it’s the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics, and the lack of something proudly South African in our athletes’ kit, that stood out to Veldskoen founders, Nick Dreyer and Ross Zondagh.

It sparked a conversation. It spawned Veldskoen. And pivoted this item of South African history into a modern era.

Instead of doing a design overhaul of these iconic shoes, they simply added to it: brightly coloured soles and laces.

And when the 2021 Olympics swung by, the athletes wore the vision of four young Durban designers, and a pair of Veldskoen, as the official off-field shoe of Team South Africa.

A shift happened during the last decade. These shoes don’t just continue to stand out as a symbol of South African culture. Now, it also stands out as a symbol of South African fashion. And it influenced its way beyond our borders, seeing the likes of Prince Harry to Matthew McConaughey wearing Veldskoen proudly.

Let’s pause a moment to take this all in.

Because more than often, the clothes and shoes we wear are dictated by international trends; neither made, dreamt up or designed locally. 

Yet here we have a shoe — quite ancient — that originated out of the necessity to be durable. And, while still honouring its past, Veldskoen reimagined and reinvented these humble shoes.

Made locally, worn on home soil but also striding internationally.

And this right here… this is a win for South Africa at large. 

Go give Veldskoen a follow, and browse their shoes to find your perfect fit. They’ve got something for everyone and every one.

And SLOW wears it proudly too.