WhatsApp is down (don’t worry, no one is ignoring you)

WhatsApp is acting up again.

Don’t worry, no one is ghosting you. It’s just WhatsApp acting up again and users across the world are unable to send and receive messages (so maybe it’s Zuckerberg ghosting you?).

Downdetecter recorded a spike in reports from 8:30 (SA time) with thousands of reports worldwide and counting.

Messages can’t be received and are also not going through, some users are just left with a grey tick while other messages (especially groups) are just pending like it’s waiting for data or a wi-fi connection. Audio or video calls can also not be placed. The reason behind the outage has not been established yet and Meta has not commented on the matter so far.

Unlike the last massive Meta outage, that affected Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp just over a year ago, the current outage is only noticed for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is busy developing new features like avatars, auto mute for large groups, poll functions for groups, hiding your online status and forwarding videos or images with a caption. The messaging platform is also ramping up security measures and users can get banned when spamming contacts, forwarding unverified information or using the WhatsApp broadcast lists too often.

While we’re all left unread, Twitter is sprawling with memes like always.