Celebrity Boxing Match: Francois van Coke beats Derick Hougaard

The highly anticipated celebrity boxing match of Derick Hougaard vs Francois van Coke gave the question – who will win in a fight, rugby or rock – a solid punch of an answer: ROCK.

As the match took place at the Time Square’s Sun Arena in Pretoria, fans of the rock royalty and rugby royalty live-streamed the match and cheered at their homes across South Africa and the world. And Van Coke walked away as the ultimate winner.

After the Cape Town 10s rugby tournament, Van Coke thought his contact sport days were behind him, until the BoxOp opportunity came. Before the match, in an interview with Chef Judi, Francois van Coke spoke about training 6 days a week and said, “my main vibe is now boxing, and the gigs will have to wait.”

Watch the interview here.

When asked if Francois will take on Steve Hofmeyr next in the ring, he said that might possibly lead to an even bigger hoo ha, but he also thinks he will hang up the gloves when it comes to contact sports.

(And admit it, you would pay good money to see that fight, right?)

40 Jaar van Coke reveals all

Francois van Coke, a preacher’s son from the suburbs, has led a life that is anything but vanilla. And whether you are a die-hard Fokofpolisiekar and Van Coke fan, or a Springbok supporter who can’t believe that a guy with a mic doing stage dives just knocked out a rugby player, you know you want to know more.

In a ten-part online conversation series with Annie Klopper, Francois van Coke reveals it all. The wild stories, the alcohol, his first time in jail and other fights. The gloves come off. It is honest. Raw. Uncensored.

Annie and Francois have been friends since 2004, and these conversations flow with intimate inside knowledge while being entertaining and well structured. Annie wrote her MA thesis about Fokofpolisiekar, as well as a book about the band: Biografie van ’n Bende: Die storie van Fokofpolisiekar.

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