Cape Town Earthquake – South Africa responds

Cape Town, shooketh with a rattle and a loud bang.

We might have 11 languages in South Africa but nationally the language of humour peeks through as a mother tongue. Whether it is a pandemic and those when-people-zol illicit entjies, sports, Eskom, politics or the recent Cape Town earthquake South Africans joke and everything becomes meme-ified.

On the 26th of September, and again on the morning of 27 September 2020, Cape Town was shooketh with a rattle and a loud bang. And it wasn’t the Noon Gun that banged prematurely, the Council for Geoscience confirmed it as seismic events. The first one, at 20:41 on 26 September registered a preliminary 2.5 on the local magnitude scale (not related to the earthquake that happened at 19:10 off the coast of South Africa), and at 09:12 another one of 2.3 occured.

This is how South Africa responded.

Talk about Netflix and chill.
Finally. The chapter on natural disasters did a ‘show and tell’.
Hugo, bel die polisie!
Haaaaaave you met 2020?
How about we sort out TERS first?
Business opportunities abound.
Good ol’ Mother Nature is a bit pissed.
Does the Cape Independence Advocacy Group have anything to do with this?
Another business opportunity.
*Grabbing the popcorn.