South Africa reacts to Level 4 Lockdown regulations

Level 4 is Level 5 is Level 4 is Level 5. Something like that. Or not like that at all

South Africans are baffled. Confused like a piece of venison biltong in a vegan’s pantry. From the ban on cigarette sales continuing to sending kids to school and only being allowed outside for exercise between 06:00 and 09:00, we are all scratching our heads about the new Level 4 regulations.

Safety is important, but we are all asking questions.

How does opening schools, with classes with no more than 40 students, encourage social distancing? And if public transport is not allowed, and if some parents walk their kids to and from school, how? What about the schools that are no more because of arson? What about the schools without water?

How does sending all South Africans outside in a 3-hour window, alone – in winter, when it is still pitch-black outside at 06:00 – encourage social distancing and an individual’s safety? It sounds more like a Park Run but with a weather forecast of a possible cold, possibly walking yourself disnis into a tree and possibly getting mugged.

And then there is the case of cigarettes. Illicit trade and the lost of billions aside, smokers just realised that 2000 signatures > 11 million smokers.

Out of all the new lockdown rules, these three matters – especially – are on everyone’s lips. Oh, and of course the once-off allowance for people to move between provinces – because corona doesn’t mos travel, because just this one time it will stay put.

Even though South Africans realised that going from one level to the next they’ll only see small changes in the regulations, the stench of fear and hopelessness is ever-present and ever-increasing.

Level 4 is Level 5 is Level 4 is Level 5. Something like that. Or not like that at all.



Here are some of the best reactions to the new rules. Some will make you chuckle. Some will make you angry. Some will make you raise your hands to the sky in a “what the f*ck” confused manner.

Long live the power of memes.

Of course, the responsibility resting on the Government’s shoulders to take charge of the situation is not as simple as 2000 > 11 000 000, and it can’t be an easy task to navigate through these troubling waters and pleasing everyone. But sjoe. It is as clear as daylight (the thing that happens mid-06:00-09:00 time slot) that not much is making sense anymore.

Stay safe. Keep your distance. Wear your mask. Smoke your rooibos. Support something local. Send your kids back to school, or maybe don’t. And enjoy the fresh crispy air between 06:00 and 09:00.

Confusion is the new normal.

Happy Level 4’ing.