From our yellow desk: Rugby kick-off with SLOW

Diving boots and all into the Springbok Rugby culture

From our yellow desk: Rugby kick-off with SLOW

Diving boots and all into the Springbok Rugby culture

Music, films, art and sport have something in common that reaches far beyond just entertainment. We latch on to it. There’s a sense of belonging. It shapes who you are and seeps into every aspect of your life.

It’s this phenomenon that makes SLOW go: why? Why do these things transcend societal norms and evoke identity exploration?

If you’ve been watching SLOW, you’ll know: we explain what South Africans love (and yes, sometimes hate). And we go deep — from history to philosophy — to understand its impact on culture.

In 2023, we’ve added more to the What Happened? series. The ongoing load shedding saga spurred on the Rise and Fall of Eskom. And we’ve added something new: Love Letter from SLOW. And much more is coming your way.

But with the Rugby World Cup in full swing, and the first win for the Springboks in the bag, you can bet your Webb Ellis gold that SLOW will pause to explore the culture of South Africa’s most loved sport.

Over the next few weeks, we’re tackling the question: why does rugby have such a big influence on South Africans? SLOW’s channels will be caught in a wave of green and gold, and to encapsulate it all we’ve got a YouTube documentary coming soon.

Walking with SLOW on this “Why We Love Rugby” journey is Veldskoen®, the sole of South Africa. These shoes are — like rugby — firmly embedded into the soul of the country. With a rich and diverse history that can be traced back to the Khoisan, 1000 years ago.

It’s a shoe for everyone, and every one. Locally sourced, locally manufactured. Proudly South African. With its footprint trekking paths of influence across the globe. Even Prince Harry and Aston Kutcher wear it proudly. And we’ll share more as we go along.

So, wherever you are (yes, we see you expats sporting your green and gold), join SLOW as we dive boots and all into the game. From where it started, to that momentous win in 1995 to today. Because between the tries, scrums and tackles there’s something bigger than just a game and SLOW’s ready to explain it all.

And remember, we 💛 you!