Is this the honesty we need from travel influencers?

Bouwer Bosch and Themba-Robin just dropped a new video.

Bouwer Bosch and Themba-Robin just dropped a new video. And this one will have you in stitches. At first glance you might think that South African Tourism just downgraded their logo? But no. It’s a parody based on what we need: brutal honesty.

With the recent news that South African Tourism wants to enter a sponsorship deal with English football club, Tottenham Hotspur, all eyes are on them and the R300 million, in each of the next three years, they want to spend to attract visitors.

Politics aside, this sketch was a breath of fresh air. And it encapsulates the spirit of South Africa: when lemons are everywhere, make Savanna.

There’s no point in arguing about the beauty of South Africa and what it has to offer. But with the media landscape being riddled with ‘amazing things to do’ and the best of this and that, this type of honesty does spark the question: should travel influencers err on the side honesty rather than poetry?